“Are you wasting ⏰ and 💸 on Facebook™ ads that don’t work..?“

Make this one simple change in how you set up your Ads, and you’ll multiply your profit in record time.
How I make 500%+ ROI on a Single Ad Campaign
Have you struggled to get ANY results from Facebook Ads doing affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Shopify or Lead Generation?

Would you like to know, how by following the exact steps in "Social Ads Kickstart", I am able to spend over $16,000+ per day on a SINGLE ad account (graphic below) with a positive 200%+ ROI and also migrate the same strategy to another social network - Pinterest, where I spent an additional $115,000+ in less than 2 months on Pin Ads that brought 250% ROI?
Hey, it’s Ross Minchev here, America’s favorite media buyer, at least according to Forbes.com (Not trying to brag about it, but not gonna lie I really enjoyed, when they listed me on their website 😜).
Spending thousands of $s monthly on Facebook ads and creating more than 8,234 ads, split testing between video and images, testing many different landing pages, trying different targeting options, constantly fighting the algorithm to give me some ❤️, praying for higher profit and hoping that my campaigns will not die too soon, I finally had enough...

Not to mention the disappointment, when FB rejects ads or bans an ad account for no adequate reason...

The Problem?

Most people think it's their targeting or may be the message the landing pages are sending.
Oh, well may be it's the bidding strategy or the product or the funnel is not good enough. May be the price or even the time ads are served is wrong...

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with all of that.

There is only one metric marketers and business owners still neglect, when it comes to advertising on FB...

For the past 3 years the cost for Facebook ads has increased drastically, leaving us the marketers, with low and some times, no margins at all...

So, I did every online marketer would do:
I literally A/B split tested, thousands of landing pages, products, offers, copy-writes, ads, funnels, quizzes, and so many more... 

I tested custom audiences, interest targeting, buyer’s behaviors, and every possible option Facebook was giving me. 

I also tested other traffic sources, such as Native and Pinterest.

Here and there I got good results, but wasn't able to scale much... 

It wasn't until after spending 1,000s of $$$, trying different Ad Types and Creatives, I finally had a HIT…

Social networks love when their users stay engaged on their platforms, and so they reword advertisers, 
if they create ads that keep users engaged and happy.

There is a pattern, that every time I followed I had success... 

I was able to pull 200-300% ROI on my ads consistently, day in day out.

This pattern uses combination of Sketch Ads and AIP(Attract Identify Provide) ad text
and every time I used it in my ads, not only my conversions went through the roof, but people went crazy, they liked, loved and shared my ads with their friends, family, and co-workers.

This increased my CTR and respectively my cost dropped significantly.

The best way to get cheaper clicks is to get higher CTR and engagement rates.

On top of that, if you create ads that are liked by the users, they can go viral and you will get a ton of organic traffic, which equals to free advertising. 

No one is teaching or doing this...

This method  is still untapped, not many people know about it and even if they do, they are not familiar with how it works and are scared to spend money to test it...

But I cracked the code...

After implementing the Sketch Ads strategy I spent over $80,000+ and got back $316,000+ from Pinterest.

I know, it can be scary to start or test a new strategy or even worse, a new traffic source… We all love to stick to the old-school methods, doing e-commerce, affiliate, dropshipping, etc. But it’s 2020 already and ads are bloody expensive...

For good or bad I had to come-up with a new completely unorthodox way to overcome the ever increasing price.

I am talking about $0.09 CPC (Cost Per Click) and 30%+ CTR on Facebook (graphic below) and $0.04 CPC  on Pinterest, and if you correctly implement this strategies it can bring 5 times more profits than regular ads.

So, Here Is How To Multiply Your Profit 🤑

I did two small tests on Facebook and Pinterest by creating a Sketch Ads with AIP strategy and got 4X the profit I was getting with regular ads.

I spent around $300 on Facebook with regular ads and another and $300 with Sketch AIP Ads.

The regular ads test brought around 200% return on ad spend (not bad at all), but the other test with the Sketch AIP Ads brought the stunning 500%+...

Here are the results from the split test I did (This are actual real Ads I am using):

Facebook Ad Test

Old Way
Regular image ad, running conversion objective, targeting a broad audience - Mobile (Only Connected to WiFi) | 25+ | Purchase Behavior
  • Ad Type - Just A product Image
  • Total Spent - $301.43
  • Total revenue - $776.00
  • Return on Ad Spend - 200+%
Sketch AIP New Way
Facebook Sketch Ad + AIP strategy, same targeting. 
  • Ad Type - Sketch Image + AIP
  • Total Spent - $279.28
  • Total revenue - $1,749
  • Return on Ad Spend - 600+%

Testing even further...

Ok, like every marketer I doubted this test, I tough this is just a glitch and may be I just got lucky this time... 

So, what I did... I increased my budgets to see if I will lose my shirt lol 😆

Luckily only one thing changed 🥵, I was not only profitable again, but also my ROI and my margins increased 4 more times (graphic below).

I spent $2,606 on ads and got back $10,124 ...

Pinterest Ad Test

Old Way
Regular image Pin Ad, running conversion objective, broad audience...
  • Ad Type - Just A product Image Ad
  • Total Spent - $592.34
  • Total revenue - $1,311.00
  • Return on Ad Spend - 200+%
Sketch AIP New Way
Pin Sketch Ad + AIP strategy, same audience. 
  • Ad Type - Sketch Clip Art Ads + AIP
  • Total Spent - $645.19
  • Total revenue - $3,685.00
  • Return on Ad Spend - 500+%

Every time I share this with my paying clients, it works like a Swiss Watch

After implementing the exact strategy and methods I was, using some of my clients were able to generate the whopping 670% return on their investment.🔥🔥🔥
That means for every $1 dollar in, they were able to get $7 dollars out...
Take Josh for example

 Creating Serious Cash Flow

The Social Ads Kickstart method allowed Josh to achieve some of his goals. 
As he was able to scale his business to a good $50k a month cash machine.  

 Doubling his money...

Victor started doubling his money in his second week after implementing the strategies I have laid out in the "Social Ads Kickstart" blueprint.


Terry didn't have a business. He didn't know anything about online marketing and media buying. He was working as an electrician for an energy company in Florida. Some days he had to work for more than 10 hours outdoors, under the baking sun. He was making good money, but hated working every day in the unbearable heat.
6 months after he joined my program he was able to quit the job he hated, start and scale a business to 5 figures monthly...

 Doubling his money...

Victor started doubling his money in his second week after implementing the strategies I have laid out in the "Social Ads Kickstart" case study.

So What Should You Do Next?

Well if you’re still reading this, that tells me that you’re clearly committed to changing your life, and that you’re done making excuses.

You are ready to improve the profits from your ads. You’re ready to learn, you’re ready to increase your value, sales, conversions... and you’re ready to get to work.

If that is the case, here’s what I can do for you…

I am looking to impact millions of peoples lives in a positive way and help 10,000 individuals create a $1,000+ per day online income stream. To give you some perspective, currently I have already helped 465+ people make money online in the last year alone and it's growing daily.

If you’d like me to mentor you and show you the ropes when it comes to building or scaling a 5 or 6 figure business, using paid ads and much, much more… I will agree to take you under my wing and I will mentor you every single step of this process.

I put together a complete blueprint video guide called "Social Ads Kickstart", on how to successfully, scale your online business using Pinterest and Facebook Ads.

And as you saw above, it is truly unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before…

It's an easy to digest step by step video system in which I have included all my winning, Ads (some of them have generated $500,000+) and all the products and the services I promote such as: Affiliate Offers, Lead Generation and Dropshipping physical products, so you can duplicate the same strategies my clients and I are using to generate $1,000+ per day.

I'have already spent the money to test for you, so you don't have to waste your own. It's a plug and play system. 

You'll gain access to a complete blueprint, applicable from newbies to advanced marketers, that you can deploy immediately, so you can see instant results.   

No more theory.  

No fluff or filler.  

I am actually logging in into my dashboard, showing you real results, real stats in real time. I am showing you all my winning ads and campaigns you can use for yourself or tweak them to fit your needs.

Just actionable items that lead to immediate results. 

Exactly Who This Is For

This is for anyone who is looking to start, or significantly improve their paid media campaigns using Facebook and Pinterest ads and also wants to transform their life, build unshakable cash stream and dramatically improve their results.

This includes anyone who wants to:
  • ​Increase and increase profits from paid ads - Facebook and Pinterest
  • ​Already have a working business and wants to scale 
  • ​Advanced marketers, who want to improve their Ads and Campaigns 
  • If you want to learn an expert tips to give you an unfair advantage in media buying
  • ​Learn how to create profitable ads for e-commerce, affiliate marketing and lead generation
  • ​​Learn an additional traffic source for bringing more cash flow - Pinterest
  • ​​Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business
  • ​​Learn how to stand out from your competition
  • ​​Develop high converting Ads, that deliver results, not just clicks
  • ​Learn how to create sketch Ads and 5X the profit
  • ​​Discover how to create high converting Pinterest ads
  • ​​Learn 6 effective media buying techniques to get more ROI
  • ​​Learn how to avoid your most common objections
  • ​​Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue
  • ​Learn how to create contagious Ad Copy for organic traffic
...in short, if you want the cheat codes to selling/converting more, at higher margins, with less work, this is for you.
And To Sweeten The Deal Even Further...
There is absolutely no risk on you!

If in 30 days you’re not thrilled with the training provided, I will not only refund your entire investment BUT I will also PayPal you $100 cash to enjoy a nice night out on me...

Apply what you discover and you WILL increase your revenue.

Currently I have limited spots available...

This unique opportunity, that allows you to dive into a golden mine of unlimited high-quality traffic for your product, service or offer will end when I fill out all of the spots available.
This is not false scarcity, I just don’t want to flood the market with too many people, as I will put my own advertising campaigns at risk.

I am looking for 400 highly motivated individuals, who seek massive success and want to improve their campaigns, ads, business and life. 
The spots are limited. As soon as I have my 400 Social Ad ninjas, I will take this page down forever. If you don’t see this page anymore, but still want to join, send me an email and I'll let you know if someone drops out of the program (which doesn't happen a lot), so you can join...

Successful business does not start from scratch, instead the smartest decision a business owner can make is to duplicate an already working system. Copy and paste and may be improve it to fit his needs. This is what you get, when you join the "Social Ads Kickstart" a complete Done For You copy and paste blueprint system, that can be easily implement in any business and niche at any stage to increase revenue and profit streams.

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